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Entrepreneur.com: Family of Franchisees Successfully Grows TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Across Portland
Fred Schaard teamed up with his son and stepson to pursue business ownership.

Franchising can truly be a family business, especially as we come out of the recession with an emerging entrepreneurial group of Millennials who see less opportunity in the workforce. Many parent/child teams are turning to franchise ownership as an option - and they're thriving.

In a recent issue of Entrepreneur Startups magazine, the trend toward family ownership was explored, including the successful team of Fred Schaard, his son, Joe Schaard, and stepson Bernardo Mandujano. When Fred Schaard was approached about expanding TWO MEN AND A TRUCK® to Portland, Oregon (while he was living in Lansing, Michigan), Schaard realized he had a team already in place - his son, stepsons, and his son's girlfriend all had pieces of the business ownership puzzle.

“So with a team of four hardworking people I trusted, I felt confident I could go forward,” Schaard told Entrepreneur. “I couldn’t do it without someone I trusted, and they couldn’t do it without capital, so it made for a good team.”

The team is working on three units in the greater Portland area.

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