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Wall Street Journal: TWO MEN AND A TRUCK Adds To Rising Jobs Report
As hiring ends year on strong note, TWO MEN AND A TRUCK plans to increase staffing.

U.S. employers added 292,000 jobs in December, bringing the total jobs added in 2015 to 2.7 million, according to the Labor Department. The franchise industry alone reported adding nearly 50,000 jobs in December according to the ADP franchise report released earlier in the week.

The Wall Street Journal took a look at the latest jobs report in a recent article, examining the data in light of the Federal Reserve's plan to raise short-term interest rates and unrest caused by Chinese markets in early 2016. TWO MEN AND A TRUCK is a franchise moving company gearing up for increased hiring as we get closer to spring - with a plan to hire up to 3,000 employees. The plan includes more proactive means such as television advertising and offering more flexible hours to fight the right hires.
“We’re spending more money on finding good people than we ever have,” Jeff Wesley, chief executive of TWO MEN AND A TRUCK told the Wall Street Journal. “What we used to do to find customers, we’re now doing to find workers.”
Job creation dwindled in the manufacturing sector in 2015, and the mining sector took a hit, losing nearly 130,000 over the course of the year. Wages increased by 2.5% in December 2015 over December 2014 - however, that's down from historical averages. Unemployment stayed at 5 percent.