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Cheddar: The Female Franchisee Making Moves in a Male-Dominated Industry
Brittany Ishman joins Cheddar to discuss why she got into franchising

Michigan-based franchise TWO MEN AND A TRUCK has made it part of their cultural DNA to promote talent and provide opportunity for those in the system. One example of this is Brittany Ishman, who was recently a guest on Cheddar. Ishman started as a temp employee in the corporate office and was able to parlay hard work and passion for the brand into opening the New Jersey TWO MEN AND A TRUCK franchise location.

"I had a series of promotions at the corporate office and fell in love with the brand, the story, the core values of the company and the rest is history," Ishman told Cheddar. Her location was also chosen as one of 16 hubs across the U.S. for TWO MEN AND A TRUCK's new national interstate service solution called Value Flex.

"The Value Flex program is a great option for customers who are looking to have a more affordable way to move your belongings across country. They're containers and we go across the U.S. at a much more cost effective way for the customers." Ishman added.

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